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Avatar Welcome to my little site dedicated to Japanese manga magazines Hana to Yume [花とゆめ] and Betsuhana, short name for Bessatsu Hana to Yume [別冊花とゆめ]. After looking for specific covers over and over, I ended up storing quite many pictures on my pc. I opened this web archive in December 2009, in case there are other people like me in need of checking what's the look of this and that.

ABOUT... This online archive includes all the years of publication starting from June 1974 for Hana to Yume and July 1977 for Betsuhana. Many covers are still missing so if you happen to have one I don't, or if you want to scan some of your older issues for the record, please email me. You will find a list of what's currently online here: covers inventory.
My aim is to provide high quality thumbnails of 180px high and if possible a picture between 500-800px high for each issue, though this is quite hard to achieve for older ones...

The MENU is on the very top of the page. I hope you'll find what you seek or simply enjoy the rainbow show! ^^

MORE... If you want to know the content of an issue, I can only recommend the excellent website Comic Holmes, you'll find there separate lists of Hana to Yume and Betsuhana up to 2012. Japanese only!
Nowadays, Hana to Yume issues are released on the 5th and 20th of each month, while Betsuhana is out on the 26th every month. You'll find more information and an (incomplete) list of series published in these magazines on Wikipedia.

SOURCE... They are mainly my own collection and the Hakusensha official sites, then Amazon, CD Japan, HMV, Yozora and 7net for recent releases; and also Akadot Retail, Bleu du Ciel, Fujisan, Full Blossom LJ, Icarus Bride, Jshoujo, Kudan, Mandarake, Otakumode, Suba Furuba, Zahara's site, Zerochan, scanlation teams (for Gakuen Alice, Skip Beat! and Yami no Matsuei) and descriptions found on Yahoo Auctions for older releases. Cheers to all the people who scanned and photographed covers!


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Français Faute d'en avoir trouvé un complet, j'ai créé ce site pour archiver les couvertures des magazines shôjo Hana to Yume et Betsuhana, édités par Hakusensha. Les couvertures sont répertoriées de 1974 à 2020. J'indique à chaque fois le titre de la série en couverture, ou à défaut le dessinateur. Enfin, sur le site japonais Comic Holmes, vous trouverez le contenu de tous les numéros.
Si vous souhaitez contribuer aux galeries, référez-vous à mes listes ici pour savoir ce qui me manque.